SIC Content distribution is the area of content distribution from Impresa media group.
Aside owning two newspapers and several magazines, Impresa owns 8 TV channels under the brand SIC.

SIC - main terrestrial channel 3 – was the first private TV station launched in Portugal, in 1992. Soon after cable embraced the launching of thematic channels such as SIC Noticias; SIC Mulher; SIC Radical, SIC K (kids); SIC Caras; and SIC International.

As a broadcaster SIC also produces and distributes content B2B and B2C, and felt the need to launch this website to show the highlights of a wide range of content produced daily.

For all these genres or to access bank archive footage, daily news or print content don’t hesitate in contacting us.

SIC content distribution team attends most of the international content markets, from MIP, to NATPE or DISCOP editions.